Friday, August 19, 2005

Tim Drake's Amazing Coverage of WYD

He's the author of Young and Catholic. This currently my favorite blog, and even favorite person/group covering WYD.

Ahead of me there were three bishops, one of whom was Bishop Dennis Schnurr. At the mid-point on the bridge a group of Italian kids came running up behind me, passed me by, and surrounded the bishops. As soon as they reached them they dropped to their knees. The bishops, without a flinch, began blessing each pilgrim's forehead, as if this were a frequent everyday happening at WYD, which I am sure it is. I cannot describe what observing that kind of faith does for you. As a believer, it fills your heart with so much joy that you either want to cry from it all or smile all the time. As you walk around town, you experience so many of these moments that you end up smiling all the time and feel like your heart could burst from the joy.

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