Wednesday, August 24, 2005

St. Bart's Day

Makes me want to go to St. Bart's.

To celebrate, you could eat luch at the cafe at St. Bart's, which has the largest pipe organ in New York... or do something else if you feel uncomfortable about the idea of a cafe in a church. I am one of the latter.

St. Bart is the patron saint of tanners and people who work with skins because he was skinned alive.

Musings of a Catholic Convert has some nice commentary on the apostle.

And because I like so much I'm including their info on him as well.

In Sandwich, Kent, England, there is a St Bartholomew's Bun Race. The Bartlemas Bun Race for children takes place around the chapel of St. Bartholomew's Hospital on this feast day. Each participant receives a currant bun, while the attendants are each given a St Bart's Biscuit, which has an imprint of the hospital's ancient seal.

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