Sunday, August 14, 2005

Social Commentary?

Tomorrow, as we all know, is the Feast of the Assumption (or the Dormition for our Eastern brethren). It is of course a beautiful and deep Marian feast and also a holy day of obligation.

Or is it?

Turns out that the USCCB took a vote and decided that if a feast falls on a Monday or a Sunday, it's optional at the discretion of the local ordinary. What gives? I guess they feel that people won't want to come two days in a row to Church?

The Jesuit who said mass today had an interesting commentary on the situation. He basically said yes, it's optional, but if you love your Mother you'll be here tomorrow, which I think is quite a good way to phrase it. Or as Summa Contra Mundum put it: Fasting is optional. Like heaven.

I tend to be of the school that would mandate attendence b/c I enjoy the value of a good countercultural display of religiousity, ever since people started meat on Fridays the Catholics haven't had anything to match against Shabbat. Such affairs are important community building activities, like on Ash Wednesday when you walk around wondering at the people who are Catholic.

Footnote 1: Didn't OO have a great article on this or a similar subject?
Footnote 2: I don't necesarily endorse all the various positions espoused by the Orthodox at the other end of the Dormition link, but it makes for good reading.

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