Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MoMAphobes and Tourists in the City

Tween girl: My dad flies into New York airport tonight; where is that?
Tween boy: It's in Jersey.
Tween girl: Idiot! It's New York airport.
Tween boy: It's Newark airport, and it's in Jersey.
Tween girl: New York airport and it's in New Jersey? That's gay.
Tween boy: You're gay.
Tween girl: Shut up! We're at the museum!

--outside MoMA

Guy #1: Naw, you's retarded! That's Greek, yo!
Guy #2: Where's Greece?
Guy #1: Dude, Greece is in Ireland.
Guy #2: No it ain't.
Guy #1: But they look the same, man!

--Sunset Park

Hispanic kid: This is great, everyone just stands on the escalators and then when they get to the bottom they take off running to their trains. They like animals or something. It's like some Travel Channel sh*t.
Hispanic girl: You're stupid. Why would Penn Station be on the Travel Channel?

--Penn Station

Overheard by: Ali

Girl: Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to Little Italy?
Man: You're standing in it.
Girl: But isn't this still Chinatown?
Man: Yeah, it's that too.

--Mulberry & Grand

Overheard by: The Fever

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