Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oh My Goddess?

And no this isn't referring to the anime Ah! My Goddess! either:

No, this site is not a joke. It actually does have a "she who is" retreat, and, most notably, a "goddess rosary" recitation on Wednesday nights, where they recite:

Hail Goddess full of grace.
Blessed are you
and blessed are all the fruits
of your womb.

For you are the MOTHER of us all.
Hear us now
and in all our needs.
O blessed be, O blessed be. Amen

The church makes/sells the beads, where the traditional rosary with crucifix is replaced by a classical goddess image.

Like Robb, I similarly ask, "if you have moved so far away from the Christian faith into paganism, why even retain the name 'Christian?'" Be honest, and be a pagan. Be the best pagan you can be, but don't pretend that Lutheran Christianity allows for this sort of thing (of course, if this church is tolerated by ELCA leadership, maybe it effectively does allow it??). This is the postmodern era. There are very few social pressures to be Christian. Just admit you have moved on from Christianity, and go pagan. Granted, we as Christians always prefer someone remain Christian, but if you can't do that anymore, be honest, and don't water down a venerable tradition.

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