Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Controversial rock group dropped from WYD program

Aug. 10 (CNA/ - World Youth Day organizers have dropped a Argentine rock band from the program for August celebration in Cologne, the Catholic News Agency reports.

In an email message sent to hundreds of people who expressed their concern over the participation in World Youth Day of the controversial rock band from Argentina, RESCATE, organizers of the event announced the band has been eliminated from the WYD program.

The concern over RESCATE's performance was not due to the band's Protestant identity--the closing concert at WYD is billed as an ecumenical event--but rather because of the disparaging remarks against Pope Benedict XVI made by some of the band's members.

Didn't the Vatican have this problem at their Christmas concert with some rap-type singer too? They gotta get someone with some skill in the music hiring department.

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